Find the key to your brand's success using the brandr index.

We provide you with an all in one, comprehensive report covering the brand attributes that matter the most to your customers.

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brandr Index solutions enable business leaders to grow their brands through informed data based decisions

Our solutions provide businesses with the complete picture and unique insights that competitors may have missed. The brandr index is also a quick and affordable way to gain crucial insights of the key elements of your brand strategy.

Brandr index is a one-stop-shop solution to measure and evaluate brand success when it comes to positioning, differentiation, segmentation, image, perception, sustainability and social responsibility. Brandr index provides vital information regarding marketing research; all of the key factors about your brand in one place.

The brandr index is an informative and favourable measurment tool. We at 66°North use it to measure our positioning and assess the four factors which the index is based on. The results of the report have been useful in our marketing strategy.

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For some measuring their brands positioning is a new concept. Thats why we took the questions we get asked most and created an FAQ.  

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