The story behind the brandr index

Dr. Larsen is one of the world’s leading branding specialist. He has led the research on the revolutionary data analysis and marketing research tool called the brandr Index. He is an Icelander born and bred, with a PhD in branding from the University of Iceland in Reykjavik, where he is currently Associate Professor of Marketing. His educational and professional background covers marketing, business and psychology.

In his many roles as a business owner, a consultant and a university lecturer he noticed a lack of accessible measurement and brand tracking tools. Growing and maintaining a strong brand is a significant investment for companies. On the other hand, the lack of analytical tools measuring brand-investment yield has traditionally caused friction between corporate marketing and finance departments. The old ‘Top of Mind’ and brand awareness surveys are simply not good enough. Dr. Larsen decided to take on the challenge of improving brand measurements.

The brandr Index is designed to make reporting on brand development informative, clear and visual.The quest to identify what factors matter the most when you’re measuring brand strength has meant many years of statistical work and academic research.

After 15 years of research and development the brandr Index is a reality and available in Iceland, the Nordics and Germany. Our brand index has been used for brand tracking by hundreds of companies in Europe, proving its worth, as the go-to analytical tool for understanding brand performance. 

The scope is wide –  the brandr Index has measured brands ranging from some of Europe‘s largest energy companies, to major banks and local retailers The brandr index works equally for all brands.  It is a marketing research tool guiding you in implementing a marketing and brand strategy that delivers results.