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For many marketers, market research can be a complex and hard-to-understand task. Until now, we’ve developed our brand index by studying hundreds of brands. It evaluates the strength of your brand, and helps you turn brand equity into profit. The reports are clear, easy to follow and presentation-friendly.
Here’s an FAQ with the questions we get a lot.

How is brandr index different?

- Get a unique insights on how your customers perceive your brand
- Its simple and fast, at the fraction of the cost for conventional market research
- Your brand is the most valuable intangble asset you have, make sure you keep track of its health
- Everything is relative, get a benchmark for your brand agains compeeting brands
- KPI's for the boardroom. Take branding to where it belongs.

A brands positioning is the sum of both actual and perceptual factors that are stored in consumers memory. To fully leverage the benefits of a favorable and unique brand equity we need to undestand these rational and emotional factors, how much they matter and how they vary between different stakeholders. The brandr index helps you do exactly that.

Yes you can. A core component of the brandr index is to contextualize your data by providing reference point that are relevant to your brand, such as lowest, average and highest scores.

The currently available benchmarking data varies based on industries and geographical markets. Contact our sales advisors to get a benchmark tailor to your needs.

We have different business models for different needs and type of companies. Contact sales for more info

We only have limited time to get reliable answers from survey respondents, otherwise they will dropout or give inaccurate data. Therefore, the index measure the constructs that matter the most to consumers when it comes to positioning of brands. We know these are the most important questions because the index is based on academic research and practical experience.

The brandr index is a standardized research tool and there are limitations to what can be changed. Contact our sales advisors for further information.


The NPS is a single metric that was designed to predict the growth of businesses. It has since been used for various purposes, to measure loyalty towards brands, customer satifaction, trust, or the performance of individual products. The brandr index on the other hand is a multi dimensional model that measures positioning and gives unique insights into HOW your brand is performing and WHY its performing in that way.

Customer satisfaction surveys are an important tool for most businesses and can be used for brands as a whole, speific business units, products or services. They are however limited to measuring satisfaction and its related attributes, rather than other important positioning factors such as a brands appeal, customers emotional investment with a brand or the brands perceived uniqueness.

Awarness studies such as Relevance, SoV and TOM can be both important and useful to measure. The insights from those differ from the ones you gain with the index. Insights from the index give a deeper understanding of where strengts and weaknesses lie, the extent of them and to whom they are relevant.

The Process

In a collaboration with a brandr research expert you distribute the survey to your clients/stakeholders. The most common method of distribution is via email.

The short answer is 300. The long answer is that it depends. A brandr research expert will guide you in the data collection process from design, recruitment to launch

We know that you don't want to bother your customers with a lengthy survey. That is why we have made sure that the brandr index only measures the factors that matter the most. Resulting in an average LOI (length of interview) of 4 minutes.

We recommend all of our clients to run the survey annually for each brand.

The brandr index requires minimal effort on your behalf and the turnaround time can be as fast as 10 business days.

Is the brandr index the right tool for my company?

The brandr Index is benefitial for most brands; businesses and other organisations for example universities, NGOs, public services and sport organisations.

The index is available to both B2B and B2C businesses

Yes absolutely. It gives value in more ways:
- Your brand is important to keep your employees.
- Attract new employees and key personell.
- Find the gap of what your employees perceptiono of the company and your clients.

You can use the brandr index to get insight on individual brands in your portfolio, see which of them are the strongest performers and which need more work.

The hierarchical structure of the insights in the brandr index means that different parts of it are relevant to different stakeholders in your company. The high-level insights might be more relevant in the boardroom whilst chrunching the numbers behind individual questions might be more appealing to marketing or insights managers.

GDPR and data protection

All data is stored on servers that are co-located in off-site data centers that undergo periodic SSAE 16 SOC audits and are constantly monitored for unauthorized access

Your data will never be shared with a third party. Your data becomes a part of the brandr database and your scores will be a part of the averages that are used for the benchmarking

What happens after the report is handed in

Congratulation! You now have important data to help you understand your brands positioning. We offer our clients further consultation and serviecs to dig deeper into their brand and help them make the best strategic decisions.

The brandr index is a standalone product that can act as an addition to the work you are already doing.

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